Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Welcome on board

Hi and welcome to my new website. Still up in the Lancastrian hills recording but we're now on lead vocals [the last bit]. Then maybe to London to mix the record with some well-heeled folk or stay North and fatten up more on Burnley pies. The choice is mine but with the Pedals and Pumps Tour just 4 months away, the former may be the sensible option. A band wedding approaches too, with the subsequent, uncomfortable squeeze into moth-bitten suit. As well as Pete 'snatched from the jaws of Soho' Marshall's big day with Lucy, we have the perhaps more pressing event of Jonny Wrong's new kitchen. A man, not averse to an occasional pie himself, and also on the verge of hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet has to drop his guitar and swop it quickly for his toolbox in the hope that his graft will entertain a third mouth. I shall keep you posted from the vocal booth!

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