Bite the dust Meistersinger von Nurnberg survey at Royal Opera House London The Stage

“In the week when Bryn Terfel receives his knighthood, the worldu2019s leading Wagnerian bass-baritone stars in Royal Opera Director of Opera Kasper Holtenu2019s farewell to the company.
Arriving at the Royal Opera in 2011 with a solid track record, Holten has subsequently experienced a distinctly mixed reception for his own shows as well as those he has commissioned: personally much liked for his warmth and articulate engagement, he was largely well received following this first night u2013 a smattering of boos drowned out by the cheers.
This show is of distinctly mixed quality. Wagneru2019s opera is set in mid-16th century Nuremberg, but for some inscrutable reason Holten sets it in a gentlemenu2019s club in modern London, making large stretches of the action completely nonsensical.”

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